Lampshade Shapes & Sizes

All lampshades come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your individual tastes and needs. Detailed below are all of those available and what setting they are suited to.

All shades can be made in a standing or ceiling orientation.

If a size or shape is not listed on a particular product that you are interested in, please feel free to Contact me and we can discuss your requirements.


Tall & Narrow Lampshade Sizes


Drum: Small - Perfect for small table lamps and small sized room ceilings:

  • 20cm diameter x 18cm height
  • 20cm diameter x 20cm height
  • 25cm diameter x 21cm height
  • 25cm diameter x 25cm height
  • 30cm diameter x 30cm height
Shallow & Wide Lampshade Sizes

Drum: Medium - Great for larger table lamps and medium sized room ceilings:

  • 30cm diameter x 21cm height
  • 35cm diameter x 21cm height
  • 35cm diameter x 30cm height
  • 40cm diameter x 25cm height
  • 40cm diameter x 30cm height
  • 45cm diameter x 25cm height

Drum: Large - Maximum impact for ceiling shades:

  • 45cm diameter x 30cm height
  • 50cm diameter x 30cm height
  • 55cm diameter x 30cm height
  • 60cm diameter x 30cm height
Extra Large Lampshade Sizes

Drum: Extra Large* - For the ultimate ceiling wow factor in large rooms:

  • 70cm diameter x 35cm height
  • 80cm diameter x 35cm height
  • 90cm diameter x 40cm height
  • 100cm diameter x 40cm height
French Drum Lampshade Sizes

French Drum - Classic shape for standing or ceiling shades:

  • 15cm top x 12cm bottom x 15cm height
  • 20cm top x 25cm bottom x 21cm height
  • 25cm top x 30cm bottom x 21cm height
  • 35cm top x 40cm bottom x 25cm height
  • 35cm top x 45cm bottom x 30cm height
  • 45cm top x 55cm bottom x 30cm height
Oval Lampshade Sizes

Oval - Perfect for table lamps:

  • 20cm length x 13cm width x 18cm height
  • 30cm length x 22cm width x 21cm height
  • 40cm length x 30cm width x 25cm height

*Please note that due to the size and fragile nature of these shades they cannot be shipped by standard courier services, personal delivery (depending on location) or pick up from Cheeky Pickle HQ can be arranged.