Measurement Guide

If you’re measuring for a table lamp, please see below which will help in finding the right size to suit your base. As always, it is very much personal choice and some bases look great with oversized lampshades!

Generally, the shape of the lampshade should reflect the shape of your lamp base. If the base is straight, square or rectangular, a similar shaped shade that mirrors its lines will look better than a round one. If your lamp base is round or tapered, a sloping or straight round shade such as a French Drum or oval shade will suit it. An exception to the rule is column lamps, which suit any shape of shade.

If you’re unsure which size lampshade would work best on your base, or are measuring for a floor standing or ceiling fitting, please get in touch via rachel@cheekypickle.co.uk, I’d be happy to help.

How to measure for your table lamp.

The diameter of the lampshade (at the bottom) should be roughly equal to the height of the lamp base:

The height of the lampshade should be approximately two thirds the height of the lamp base:

The lampshade should be wider than the widest part of the lamp base: